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Catract Vision

We Have Latest Centurion Phaco Machine

Best Eye Hospital in Varanasi

Eye Super Specialities


​​​​ ​​Sharpest Vision 100% Blade-less
Specs Removal No Patch, No pain ,
with foldable lens, pheco
emulsion technique ,Beyond LASIK,
​​ Beyond SMILE At Vivek Netralaya

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​Best in Class Glaucoma Services
Latest in Glaucoma OF family
history of glaucoma or Parson
over the age of 40 yrs We
provide best tritment for all
by Dr. Vivek Singh in varanasi

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Eyes of Children are different from adults, so we have a dedication for little ones

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Best Class treatments for
Retina & Uvea Latest in
diabetic retinopathy in Varanasi

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We Have All Possible solution And treatment for Eyelid Retraction in Children

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We Have The best treatment for all kind of layer tissue beneath the white of the Eyes

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M-4 Badshah Bag Colony,
Fataman Road, Sigra, Varanasi
Contact-no 080525 31638

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Centurion Phaco

WE have lattest CENTURION automatically and continuously adapts to changing conditions within the eye. which optimized energy technology at the surgeon’s fingertips through enhanced fluidic management and surgical precision.

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Yag Laser

A laser rangefinder is a rangefinder, which uses a laser light to determine the distance to an used to correct posterior capsular opacification (a condition that may occur after a cataract surgery). Nd:YAG lasers are used to remove skin cancers.

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The TS-310 tabletop refractor is a tabletop subjective refraction system that integrates chart and refractor into a single unit. The TS-310 tabletop refractor fulfills the need for simple and reliable refraction equipment.